Social Media: the best hiding place for bullies

By Shannon Quinn

Social media has become the easiest way for bullies to reach their prey. Cyber Bullying affects people of all ages all over the world. But why do these bullies decide to use social media to bully, rather than in person?


Any type of bullying, whether through the internet or in person, is usually motivated by revenge or jealousy. Putting others down to bring yourself up. Cyber bullying is the easiest and most common way to do this. First off, because it occurs so often, it becomes the norm. Kids and teens may engage in cyber bullying to fit in with their peers, and the behavior is accepted because they all do it. It is also done for entertainment purposes. According to a Very Well article,”people who are bored and looking for entertainment will sometimes resort to cyberbullying to add some excitement and drama to their lives”. With children, they may not be getting supervised by their parents, and the internet could be their only source of entertainment.

cyber bullying

When cyber bullying occurs on a more serious level, the bullies may know they could get in trouble. It is extremely easy to create fake accounts on social media and post anonymously. Police have more trouble tracking these bullies down. In addition, the audience on social media empowers the bully in some cases. According to a Hindustantimes article,”police say platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have also become a happy hunting ground and hiding place for bullies, who feel empowered by the audience”. It is unfortunate that cyber bullying has become accepted in our society to the point where people encourage it and act upon it by joining in, retweeting, or sharing the bullies words.

Now that social media has become so prominent in our society, it is important that we keep bullying out of the picture. The first step is reporting and ending any kind of bullying online, rather than encouraging and imitating it.


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