Wendy’s “Fresh”Tweets

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By: Jose Osorio

Social Media is a must for company in the 21st Century. Social Media is the perfect tool to use from twitter to Snapchat all companies can benefit from social media if handled correctly. Although it can benefit a company it may also hurt it if not handled correctly. Recently I came across the twitter account for the fast food chain Wendy’s and I have to say that what they are doing is working they have gained many fans for just responding to not just positive tweets but also negative tweets. Which I feel you must be able to do both to respond to the good and the bad. The way the respond is almost by joking and taking down online “Haters” and “trolls” who talk negatively just to because they can. Wendy’s goes about this in a somewhat of an unorthodox and unconventional way of responding. Sarah Witten of CNBC.com wrote an article about Wendy’s tweets. Like I said early social media can hurt a company if not handled correctly the article talks about both. In the beginning we see that a tweet they made had an image that was deemed a symbol of hate by the Anti-Defamation League this is not a good thing because some people may think they support White Nationalist who had adopted the image as a symbol. In the article Sarah Witten writes “Despite this mishap, Wendy’s is still getting positive attention from social media users who appreciated its saucy tactics against an internet troll.” Wendy’s went from something that would hurt them to something that helped them. A reason I believe this happened is that the internet is massive and very fast paced so companies can easily fix mistakes that are made. Social media has the power to make things go viral so if something people enjoy goes viral it means more people are sharing it because they like it. The same concept can be used for something negative that people share. In this case though we see that people like what Wendy’s had to say to an online troll that claimed their beef was frozen and not “Fresh, never frozen beef” like they claim. They gained many fans claiming they will now eat there after never eating there at all. Something that amazes me is that the tweets seem very human and not robotic like most companies but this is obvious because of Amy Brown Wendy’s Social Media Manager who Nicole Gallucci wrote about on mashable.com. Amy is the one who made the famous tweet. Amy is a very relatable person who has the same interest as others. Nicole calls her “ One of the coolest damn people on the planet.” To succeed companies need to hire likable relatable people that will respond to people in a way customers can relate. The personality oozes through the tweets and that is something people notice and is also why people like it. This is a success and a perfect example of how social media helps companies. You are able to reach millions around the world with social media as well as doing it at little to no cost since social media platforms are free. It makes a large impact and is something more companies should definitely invest in if they plan to be successful.

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