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By Ghadah Alhazzaa @__ghadah___

YouTube stars are becoming real life super stars nowadays. They are famous, popular, and most of the young generation looks up to them. From make up artists to comedians and musicians, YouTube has created stars that are competing with real life stars. They are taking YouTube seriously that it became their main source of income. A great example is Justin Bieber. He started on YouTube, People really liked him that a famous TV. Host noticed him and invited him to her show. He then got sponsored by major music label. This is exactly what’s happening nowadays to a lot of the popular YouTube stars. If you’re into sports and have good following and likes, a sports wear brand could reach out and sponsor you to promote their brand. YouTube pays per view as well, according to Matthew Yeoman, “ While YouTube does not publish its CPM rates, online marketing firm Penna Powers estimates their current CPM to range from as low as 50 cents to as high as $10. If we assume that all 1 million viewers of the particular video also watch the ads coming before it, and we conservatively assume that your CPM is at the average range of $2 (as estimated by internet marketer Hank Green), then you could expect to earn on average: Views x CPM 1 million views x ($2/1000 views) =$2000”. Unknown

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So how do you become famous instantly? Simon Dumenco from explains that these YouTubers are hard workers. There are also requirements like being likable, talented, and appealing. The YouTube phenomenon is not going away anytime soon. People are obsessed with vlogging and following their favorite YouTubers life. We all love watching them because they’re relatable and real.


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