Are You A Distracted Driver?

By; Anna Maggio


Have you ever driven somewhere you routinely go to and then have to think about how you got there?  I would say 50% of the time I am late, which means I get half ready at home and finish the rest in my car on my 20-minute drive to work. In this short amount of time I have to get my life together; I can manage to chug a redbull, put on a full face of make up and catch up on my morning snaps and drive all at the same time. I know what your thinking…”wow you should probably keep that to yourself considering how unsafe it is” but its fine because that’s the point I’m trying to make with this blog. We are all aware that being on our phone and driving is not safe but why doesn’t it stop us from doing it? Snapchat has a filter that says don’t snap an drive and Waze won’t let you navigate a location if your moving unless you say (lie) that you’re the “passenger” but in reality it’s only there for legal purposes.

Research conducted by Transport Research Laboratory said that “Using social media while driving can be 3 times more dangerous than drinking and driving. the reaction time of a driver is slowed by 38% while using their smartphone, as opposed to the 12% of someone who has been drinking.” First our concern was just phone calls, then it became texting and driving and now its adapted to Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Pokemon Go?

Picture1This is a picture of a driver that crashed into a power pole in Napa. Here’s a video of a man crashing into a cop car playing Pokémon Go in Baltimore. In another survey, focusing on 2,400 drivers of all ages, 74% said they would use Facebook while driving, and 37% said they would use Twitter while behind the wheel, with YouTube (35%) and Instagram (33%) close behind. So what should we do to try to improve this problem that keeps getting worse?

One act to a solution was created by Jennifer Smith after she lost her mother in a crash a few years back from a teen who was on the phone. Smith is the founder of which is a project of Distraction Advocate Network that provides services to victims, resources, and educational information. I believe this subject should be something brought to light more often considering the impact social media has on society today.




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