Snapchat, Where You Can Watch TV While You Watch TV

This year, Snapchat and Vice have composed themselves together to release a dating show that can only be viewed on Snapchat. Shooting has already wrapped, and so now we play the waiting game to see the next remake of The Gong Show. Snapchat knows your interest has peaked due to the large success of The Bachelors’ most lackluster season in terms of character. But, it did have a pedestrian attempt at being funny by bringing in some nanny that takes care of a grown woman into the show, and used her as a setup for a joke people could not wait to see. If you didn’t see the link, then you missed your chance to see the poor girl labeled a villain. A villain for what? Toplessness and a lack of self-regard. There is no link for that, and I apologize. It turns out the nanny is just a sweet woman that cares for the girl she tends for. Twitter still erupted before and after her brief appearance

You’re looking for a point, thus I’ll digress. I can’t laugh at a woman who refuses to learn how to clean a spoon. 24-years-old and her dad is asking if her suitor is rich enough to care for her. The show in which 31 people vie for a shared affection and hand in marriage has forgotten about love and instead rushes in raunchy sounding clips that are repeated until they are forgotten for the next “plot point.”

Vice is always a relatively trustworthy source. Even if they lie, at least their lies tell more about the world that people are missing while they sit in their echo chambers. They give the views from inmates at prison, transvestites burdened by a sadness that reverts all the way to the womb, and even people who perform drag shows. They even get interviews with drug dealers that provide their services over the mail.

For now, I am curious to see if Vice will bring forth their usual expertise and knowledge of empathy to their new TV show in hopes, although small, that they can revamp the dating show and actually make it about people that have things to lose and so they act as if. People that aren’t made fun of and instead cared for, in every position they may find themselves on the TV show.

Also, it’s tough for me to watch rich people cry every episode. I heard earlier this week, “Those who are the saddest usually have more than those that are happy.” The currently happy had to learn how to be happy in the first place. Crazy stuff wasn’t going on this week unless you care to add everything that has already been going on for months. The constant divide driven by social media.


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