Social Media is Slowly Becoming a Hub for Blackmail

Josh Lawson | @JoshKLawson


The internet is no stranger to trolls, blackmail, and overall awful people. Those three types of people have been combined into one when performing a single act of hate known as revenge porn. This isn’t a new action, but it’s gaining attention now that there are places people feel comfortable posting sexually explicit images or videos of a previous partner without the other person’s consent.


Revenge porn isn’t a local problem. It is a problem on a global level. There is no specific region where it originated, where it’s going, or where is hasn’t been yet. Nowhere is safe from the sadistic individuals who post revealing content of previous partners just because they were upset about the way things ended.

This isn’t a new practice, as many men have shared intimate photos with their friends while their partner wasn’t around. But, this goes far beyond that. This allows the entire world to see these private photos, and ruins the reputation of the subject of the photo. Revenge porn even bleeds into several different branches of the military, where over 30,000 members of a private Facebook group posted the photos they acquired during their time.


Perpetrators don’t always have to post nonconsensual photos. The newest form of revenge porn is along the lines of individuals posting the contact information of girls they consider “easy”, or that they’ve labeled as sluts. Some of them do it for revenge, others for the thrill, and some because they have a problem. There is one solid fact between each account though, it deeply affects everyone in the photograph and can haunt them for years to come.


As many people as this affects, and has affected dramatically throughout the years, several countries refuse to see it as an issue that warrants laws to persecute it. Many individuals believe government entities around the world are dragging their feet when dealing with this sensitive issue instead creating bills and laws that prevent the publishing of revenge porn and punish those who are found guilty, then arm law enforcement with the tools necessary to respond to the abuse


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