Social Media’s Impact On The Fashion Industry

By Jenny Duong


Fashion brands do not need to pay millions to have commercial air on television. Instead a video campaign can be filmed and shared online. YouTube as the largest video search engine provides a platform for clothing brands to upload videos and links to those videos. Speaking of YouTube, many online boutiques and start up fashion brands that need a help getting their name out by having “YouTubers” feature their products in videos. They would send samples to people with millions of viewers to share in vlogs, hauls, reviews, and tutorials.

The same can be done on Instagram with photos. Instagram is probably the most prominent fashion advertising platform right now. Brands such as Michael Kors and Fossil paid to have sponsored posts show up on newsfeeds. Not only are fashion names getting noticed but they are also selling products and receiving feedback. A good example of this is Aerie, they like to post photos of their merchandise asking the audience to vote on their favorite color or style. Receiving this kind of feedback is very valuable because they will know what will sell and what to manufacture more of or what changes to make in their designs. Having social media accounts and utilizing them correctly will help clothing brands gain sales online and even in brick and mortar stores. Posting and emailing will notify customers what is new, what deals are available, and overall a reminder that their brand exist.

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