By: Shanie Glasgow

Is there such thing as “privacy” on social media?

You can have whatever opinion you want, but the answer is NO.

Many people do not realize the amount of information they are putting onto their social media platforms and where it’s being shared.


Once you post something on the Internet, it is there forever! Even I you have deleted it, now-a-days with screen shots and quoting, there is always a way to look back at what was there! This is something that we should all be aware of! Especially since our generation finds it fascinating to post everything that we are doing on the social media!


For example: Many times when you download an app onto your phone, it will ask you if you want to “create a new account” or “sign in with Facebook.” So many of us are guilty of just clicking the login in with Facebook button because it’s quicker and easier access. However, whenever you do this, you are sharing all the the information you have posted on Facebook with that app. It collects your data and then that information can be shared further through third parties, etc.  All of this information is in the “Terms and conditions” which we are all guilty of not reading and just clicking the little check box and moving on!

According to a new survey from the University of California,  millennials (ages 18-34), were more likely to share there location in order to receive coupons from nearby businesses. Doing this, you are giving up your location to strangers! Most of the time this is online on websites and social media sites. If something were to be hacked, you are at risk of having your information and identity stolen. One easy way to avoid being a victim, is by not clicking on and downloading things unless you’re sure of the actual source.

So next time you sign up for something or download an app, think about who all is capable of receiving your information!


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