Social Recruiting is here to stay

by Robert Jones Jr. | @rjmajorjr

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Social media recruiting is not a new wave or a hot trend, but it is something that has found a way to grow from a niche to an ever-growing important tool. The tail end of the millennial generation is now grown up and beginning to start their careers, and it is a packed market out there. With millennial constantly spending time on their phone and social media apps this is the best way for companies to get their attention.

LinkedIn isn’t the way to be recruited nowadays. There’s Facebook, Twitter, and soon Instagram will join this group as social recruiting grounds.

About 94 percent of professional recruiters network on social media to look for talent. The increasing use of social media has changed the way that companies now look for employers. There are various strategies that companies will use while they comb through profiles to see who fits best with their agenda.

Seeing that social recruiting is going nowhere anytime soon, potential employers must make sure that their social profiles are in tip-top shape. Profiles should be treated like an in-person interview: professional, diligent and ready to work. Social media gives an insight on who you are, and how well you can fit into their system.

This also means that there should NO pictures or posts of anything illegal or something that can damage your reputation. This is a huge turn-off for companies and will negatively affect someone who is looking for job.

But one thing about social profiles is a little informality is ok. Nobody wants to talk to a robot, and potential employers can let their personality shine. Also, profiles should be made public. No company can even think about you if your profile is private.

Social recruiting can be an interesting and unique process to go through. Both the client and potential employer have work to do to each make themselves look presentable. But when both sides look good, it could be a possible match and everyone leaves satisfied.


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