Being Consistent on Social Media


By Chastany Beaver

When I think of being a social media, guru, super-hero ,professional, person, the only thing that keeps repeating in my mind is:

  1. Post quality content
  2. Be consistent
  3. Engage!


Now, I’ve had my fair share of experience in attempting to be successful at this social media stuff and I’ve come to the simple realization that in order for people like me(who become bored quickly) to actually have results from the content they post they must REALLY be consistent. So what keeps a person motivated to be consistent with sharing quality content? What are some tips that REALLY help?


As I was searching on Google, a link on the results pages intriuged me. It read: How to Keep Your Brand Consistent on Social Media. This article from OMNI broke down their idea into three sections: display, voice, and visual content. The display(name and picture) should be consistent across social media platforms. This makes it easier for people to find you across networks. “It’s also equally as important to keep your profile picture the same on different networks as well. This leaves little room for confusion from a user searching for your business specifically and displays a uniformity across platforms.”


An article by AJ Agrawal entitled, “How to Keep Your Branding Consistent on Social Media” best explains, in my opinion, the benefits of consistent branding. He listed these benefits:

  • Give your business a unique personality and an identity that customers can relate to
  • Differentiate your business amongst the myriad of brands
  • Your image will stand out in customer’s minds
  • Boosts your authority in the marketplace
  • Increases customer engagement and loyalty
  • Position your brand properly and in turn command a higher pricing-niche for your products

Ultimately, I think the reason why companies or brands fail is because of their lack of consistency. Regardless of the content posted, if the social person of a particular company has a good communications plans, they will succeed.

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