From Hatred to Acceptance: How I Learned to Love Instagram Albums – Anaisa Kalita

Post by @UNT_Terry using a multiple photo upload of the BIG Event

The older I get, the more I realize I really, really hate change. In a world that is constantly changing due to the effects of growing technology and the world’s desire to connect, this can be very difficult. When I heard about the new update on Instagram that allows you to post more than one photo at a time, I was instantly annoyed.

“We already have photo albums on facebook, and can post a whole day’s worth of content on snapchat,” I complained, “why do we need yet another platform to allow us to fuel our vanity?” Even though I know I spend far too much time pondering which photo has the lighting and colors just right, it never occurred to me that there would be benefit to updating Instagram so that I didn’t have to make that choice.

When I first heard about Instagram’s latest big update, I rolled my eyes and thought about the albums of selfies and fake candids I would have to scroll through. A large part of me thought about the friends I have who are members of greek life and how I would now have to sit through not just one but four photos of them claiming their Big is perfect like they didn’t get matched up like a blind date. However, recently I have come to realize the benefit that Insta-albums could have for brands. I mean, I already knew that sponsored posts could post multiple photos, and I accepted that things made sense like that, but I completely forgot about smaller organizations in communities or at UNT that could benefit from this.

This weekend was the BIG Event my organization, The Terry Scholars of North Texas, participated. Our current PR chair posted 4 photos of people participating today, and for the first time since the launch I realized this might not be such a horrible idea after all.

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