How Brands Can Avoid Fake News

By: Taylar Gomez

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Fake news is all around us and almost impossible to avoid. It has become difficult for consumers to differentiate the truth from the fiction. Advertising the correct message is important for brands. If they are backing up a false statement it could jeopardize their business and lose the trust of their customer. There are a few ways to help make sure that a business is not running ads on a website promoting fake news.

Using a whitelist to separate your ad space is a good way to avoid being featured on fake news website. A whitelist makes sure that your ads are only appearing on website that you have listed as credible. Additionally, a business could utilize a blacklist to ensure where their ads are showing up is correct. A blacklist is a list created with all of the websites that a business does not want their ads to show up on. This helps eliminate any potential fake news websites from interfering with the business objective. In an article from Social Media Today, it is suggested that businesses can hire a expert in fraud to manage their campaign and make sure that their ads are only appearing on websites they approve of.

There are a few tips for consumers to avoid reading fake news. As a consumer searching the web, you should make sure the material you are reading is true. One way to do this is to check where the story appears and make sure it looks authentic. Make sure that the headline is not click-bait and is true to what the article is explaining. In an article by Black Enterprise, it is stated that a good way to make sure you aren’t reading fake news is to check for grammatical errors within the site or article.



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