Is Too Much Social Media Bad?


By Summa Aholo



We have all heard that too much of a good thing can be bad for us. Too much candy will rot your teeth, too much exercise and you might pull something. But what about social media? When does social media rot your proverbial teeth?

According to Pew research center 79% of Americans use at least one form of social media. This is well over half of the American population that is subject to the intricacies and complexities of social media. Social networking sites are helpful in a myriad of ways, with social media people can receive information faster than ever before. A majority of Americans get some form of news via social media, which opens the door for the spread of fake news to make its circulation. Because we have a younger generation knowing nothing but social media, many of the high school students are ignorant when it comes to verifying whether an article true or not. It’s not just high school students either, during the Boston Bombing many accredited news channels picked up the “story” that was circulating the web that the Boston Bomber was identified. The story turned out to be false, and they smeared a man’s reputation because no one did their research. Many situations like this have occurred because of the shear multitude of information being shared at such a rapid rate that fake news becomes another part of the equations that needs to be factored out.

Social media has also been a great tool for finding jobs, sites like Linkedin are crucial in displaying ones business acumen. Social media can also hurt an applicant when it comes to finding a job. Employers now look at sits such as Facebook and Twitter when screening for potential candidates.

If you choose to use social media, use it responsibly, because just like too much candy you do not want the pain of having made the wrong decision.

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