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Amairani De La Sancha


When people hear the word “Snapchat” they may automatically think of teenagers on their phones making silly faces. Though it was created as a messaging system to connect with friends. It was a new spin on just regular text messaging because of the filters Snapchat created. The app also provided a way to delete their messages called “snaps” after 10 seconds. When people first heard of Snapchat they probably never realized how much time they would spend on the social media app. News organizations have been trying to get millennials to pay more attention to news and news outlets are adapting to the ways in which younger people get their news. They know millennials are always on their phone meaning that they probably have social media apps that they use. Some news organizations have now teamed up with Snapchat to provide new ways to deliver news.

Now the app provides their Snapchatters with a fun way to discover other social media outlets with either Popular Culture information or hard-core news information. In 2015, Snapchat decided to add a new feature to their app which is called “Snapchat Discover” here news organizations combine their top stories of the day. Two years ago, when Snapchat created the Discover page they had only partnered with 11 news organizations. The media outlets that have partnered with Snapchat as of 2017 are growing rapidly. As of right now 40 news organizations have partnered with Snapchat in hopes of getting the younger generation interested in news. These are a few of the news outlets that the Snapchat Discover page provides for their Snapchatters CNN, The Washington Post, National Geographic, VICE, BuzzFeed, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Complex, People, Essence, and ESPN.Snapchat Discover page,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNGIrvyjzW7NPdGN-IectxlFTKBurg&ust=1490668951249570

The stories that get placed on the Discover page by news outlets will be erased after 24 hours have passed and new stories of the day will be posted. This encourages young millennials to view the Snapchat stories posted by the news organizations. It may even lead them to search for a story online because they may not have gotten a chance to read the story on Snapchat. A friend may have told them about a story they found interesting which also leads them to search more about it on the news organizations app or website. The future of News media looks bright because these organizations have found a great way to encourage young people to look for news while also adapting to technology.



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