NHL Social Media Strategies

NHL Social Media Tactics

By: Evan Haras


The National Hockey League has done a great job advertising its business across all sources of media. They’ve certainly come along way starting with a completely redone website which is geared more towards video highlights and pictures keeping the eyes of the fan constantly entertained. The NHL has an advantage to its other sports league counterparts the NHL fan base has the most screens that be smartphones and HD televisions. A big problem that the league has notice is that fan bases are very “tribal” and are only willing to watch their team only. They tried to keeps fans involved during the playoffs by employing genius social media movements. One example of this was they had created the hashtag myplayoffmoment, they encouraged followers to post pictures of their favorite part of the game for a shout out on their social media account even if that occurred at the bar. Another big tactic that the league uses to bring more awareness to its business and keeps fans involved is its partnership with EA Sports presenting the NHL 17 cover fan vote. They had the balloting for the vote held on twitter to keep fan involved on their twitter account and checking who is in the lead. The leagues image gets free advertising for the viral tweet vote. Being the athlete on the cover of a video game means that a player has become a star so many fans vote for their team’s best player. As snapchat becomes more popular each day the NHL couldn’t just sit out and watch they’ve also created an account and have been very successful with the campaigns. Followers of their snapchat account get access to in the locker room, pregame and on ice footage. Also, they had created filters for playoff games that allowed users to play with and continue to advertise.

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