Reasons why you should participate in Tweet Chats.

By Abisola Adeyemi


Whether its for professional branding or personal use, I’ve found that engaging in tweet chats from time to time could be extremely beneficial for you and your brand.

My strategic social media class requires that we participate  in a certain amount of chats through out the semester. I did dread the idea at first, but as i started to participate in these dicussions , i discovered, i learn something new each time.

I’m the type that loves to learn in a conversation style. I love engaging with others and taking  in new information that will help me become more successful.

In case you’re wondering what a tweet chat is; its a conversation that’s filtered with a hashtag, hosted at a certain time, by a brand or individual.

During this chat , there are a series of questions the host asks and the participants answer in return, and it’s all different feed back from different perspectives.

When you participate in these discussions, you can learn something new. At times, i wouldn’t even know the answers to the questions being asked. It is a sense of relief when another answers from their own level of understanding and your able to birth an idea from that response.

If you’re the host, you are able to receive feedback from your audience. Engagement with your audience in any form is important . Its even better if you can do it on social media, where its convenient for everyone.

This feature can help you build brand awareness; you don’t know who is involved or who may reference you.

These discussions can pull in more audience through retweets or shares during this conversation.

You’re able to gain new connections through this chat. Brands and people in your field may decide to follow you, its all a part of networking.

I advise brands to get involved with their audience in this way. I know for a fact i will be hosting tweet chats when i start to develop my brand. I want to give my brand a face and i’d love to know what my audience expects of me.


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