Social Media is Going Live

By Sanjuana Banda | @bysxnj

Social Media site such as Facebook and Instagram have adopted a new a trend. The option to give their users the option to go live. Instagram gave the option to their users to go live as of November of last year after their implementation of Instagram stories. Facebook launched Facebook Live for everyone around  April of 2016. For the most part, Twitter was partnered with  Periscope to allow it’s users to broadcast live. As of recent, Twitter is creating a new API, similar to Facebook’s, to allow it’s users to directly broadcast.

As a user of mostly Instagram, it seems the most user friendly and convenient. In order to go live, you open up the app, swipe left and select the “Live” category and click on the button ‘Start Live Video.” I’ve seen this used multiple times from the individuals I follow. One neat thing item I enjoy about Instagram Live is the broadcaster has the ability to place a captioned text to allow everyone to see. From friends, to internet personalities seem to be using Instagram Live to engage with their audience.

Photo Credit: iamkareno‘s instagram

Not until I saw friends going live, I did not know this feature of Facebook. I was new to Facebook. I took a 3 year break from it, so there was a lot things that were change since  2013. Besides friend’s live streaming an event their act or activity  their doing with not much significance. Pages like The Futur are trying out Facebook live to broadcast their shows in a different light. They have discussed on their live videos that it does take a learning curve to get a show moving in the Live spectrum.

fb live.PNG
Photo Credit: The Futur’s Facebook

Bloomberg has been using Facebook Live to broadcast directly from the White House. Bloomberg recently went live to Sean Spicer’s press briefing and it reach of an audience of 40,000 viewers. This could change how news are being broadcast and how networks maybe engage with audiences that have been leaving TV.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg’s Facebook

Through the presidential election. Twitter used it platform to broadcast from the debates to the inauguration. PBS NewsHour broadcasted Trump’s inauguration. Many other companies  have been able to exclusive to broadcast live events. CBS teamed up with Twitter to live stream the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Bloomberg signed a deal with Twitter to broadcast their news programs to start in the fall.

Photo Credit: Joey Zolfaghari

As we can see, social media has given news programs to broadcast a new way; reaching a younger audience. The live technology on social media sites are pretty new. In the course of a months, we will see the increasing change of the social media market.

Featured Image: Droid Life


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