Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends

By: Lauren France

The term “trends” refers to something that catches on rapidly in social media. The literal definition of ‘trends’ is “a general direction in which something is developing or changing”. (*) Trends can take place on any social media site, and many times will have a large impact on viewers because they will typically see it in more places than one.

Some people question who created the trends, why they were created, and how the caught on; ultimately those things often times only one or two of these things are known. A trend has the ability to catch on to large groups of people and affect them over a long period of time. This differs from fads because these become popular quickly, then they tend to just disappear.




A great way to understand how trends come about is to look at those who have set them in the past. These people are known as the trendsetters. Because viewers usually do not have the ability to personally observe them, they use media and social media to follow their habits and patterns. This eventually creates a movement of people that follow the trends they have set in place.

One way you can measure how effective a new trend is, is by looking to see if a pervious trendsetter has caught on to a different trend created by someone else.


These trends and trendsetters are seen a lot throughout social media. To name a few, some of the top trends in 2016 took place on Instagram and Facebook. With Instagram using Snapchat’s original idea to have stories that everyone can see, and the live videos on both Instagram and Facebook, the rate of communication has been a huge trend that caught on starting in 2016.

Trends are something that continuously develop and with the rate at which social media is improving every day right now, they will only catch on even more in the future.



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