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Everyone has seen at least one or two memes in their lives, maybe even more if they enjoy them, but in the past few years people have been turning news into memes or vice versa, such as Pepe the frog who was turned into a “hate symbol” by certain groups of people who would post offensive memes to twitter and other social media sites. This frequent use of Pepe caught the eye of certain news orgs as they began to show their viewers and educate them about Pepe. This would later cause the creator of Pepe to start a counter campaign to get more positive art posted online to counter the online trolls who wanted to make Pepe their avatar of hate.

Although Pepe is still more well known for his status as popular troll bait, the campaign did bring more notoriety to Pepe and his creator.

Other memes spawned from social media such as one of Meryl Streep shouting with people putting various song lyrics as the caption as if they’re singing along to one of their favorite songs. Various news sources such as BuzzFeed began to show versions of the meme to cash in on its popularity and gain more viewers and engagement from the public.


These memes often bring a lot of fun engagement out on social media between news sources and their followers which can be great for free pr. Although these memes are often short lived and forgotten rather quickly, there is always something new to bring back the wave of user created content to flood social media, be it Pepe, Meryl Streep shouting, or Donald Trump holding up an executive order with something funny written in it instead. These memes bring us together on social media and can help us see the humor in anything especially in Donald Trump’s presidency.GHTz-gi9nNceqqYwAGgTE32p_wdOuUYfnO8xvoO8eEU.png

by Brandon Carithers

Published by

UNT Eagle Strategies

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