Stay LinkedIn!

By: Nathan Cooper

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and since then it has only boosted in popularity! It is a social networking site that has the intention of letting individuals build a professional online presence as well as networking with others for professional gain. LinkedIn has become a very common way for people seeking employment to find a job and for employers to hire. There is even a apply now button on some companies job listings page. This allows for a quick and simple way to apply without having to jump through all the hoops one might have to if they did a normal application.

LinkedIn also offers a variety of features such a groups and premium that allow people utilizing the sight to get more out of it. Groups are formed by people who share common interests and are a way to make connections. There are many different ways to use groups, but the most common one is for people in the same profession to network and possibly exchange information. The premium account is most useful for those currently applying for jobs. The premium account gives you access to information such as how much you meet the criteria for a particular position and where you stand among other current applicants. This feature allows for people to be a little more strategic when applying to different positions. Strategies are the name of the game when using any social media platform so this should be no different for LinkeIn. Make sure you know what your objectives and goals are and then you can form viable strategies and tactics for them.

Make sure you utilize this platform to its’ full potential and remember to stay LinkedIn!


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