What did you miss last week?

By TingHsuan(Rose) Kuo

Have you ever told someone that you are living vicariously through her/his social media post?


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Have you ever feel jealous from the traveling posted from your friend? Have your ever tagged your best friends to a traveling post and captioned “let’s go!”? As millennial, we are scare of how people view our social media post but we are even more scare of missing out something great and reading about it the next day on your friend’s post or tweet. Our travel destinations are often influenced by our peers, what they had shared and where they had gone. In the recent study, we believe the post more when it’s shared by the someone we trust rather than an expert. We prefer to read about the review from your friends than reading a travel guide.

Many travel agency switch their marketing strategy because of how we depend on the travel related social media posts. We fear to not being or feeling a part of something. The social media travel related posts not only determine where we want to go but also help us decide how we take our vacation. We starting to travel on our own instead of going with the group lead by travel agency because the internet made travel seems easy. We can easily just get on the web to get the cheapest hotel room and the cheapest air fare. We shed away from the “touristy spots,” we want to find the most secret spot and share it with our friends.


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It is interesting how social media have altered our way of purchasing, what we eat, what we do, and where we want to go. Sometime I wonder if the marketer’s promotion or our friends’ feed determine where we want to go. We rely heavily on the information passed on within our social media circle. I think sometime we have prejudice opinion on something or somewhere just because our friends had a bad experience. It’s interesting to think how one’s opinion could help or ruin someone business if that good/ bad experience had gone viral. We will remember that good/bad experience someone else have not our own.



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