Love and Hatred Collide To Bring Your Box Office Results

The Justice League trailer is out! Now calm down because it will be talked about for the next few months until it arrives at theatres, is either fairly decent or fairly abysmal and yet will receive the same box office success regardless. What is said on Twitter and Facebook will drive that success.

“Look how terrible the CGI is on Cyborg!” That just gave the movie two tickets. Any action deserves an equal reaction, thus the system perpetuates. The system does not change unless we stop talking about it. Here I am talking about it. No tickets will be sold because of me since my followers are nonexistent.

Oh, and the Cyborg looks terrible because not only has filming not wrapped, but also the people that are tasked to create the special effects have just sat down. These people work 90 hour weeks, barely eating or seeing their family to create these passion projects and make a very average salary. Especially if they would like to roam Dallas and eat out with the cool kids.

We fill up the screen with so many stars just to have a percentage of the population maybe to talk about one. Performances are slap-dish anyway in a team of 8 with maybe 2 big villains and enough supporting characters to make the story scream full speed and crash at the end with enough spectacle to make you forget that the rest of the movie was just buildup. Then we tweet about it just to fall asleep and feel the notifications warm us like the sun.

Movie producers today are worried about what will you tweet about. I loved Moonlight but the twitters from everyone involved in the movie all were contracted to mention the movie everyday and even wear the cover of the film as their cover photo.


He looks like a toy from the guy that brought us brutalized toys and realistic looking cartoons.


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