It’s Official, Stories Are Completely Overrated Now

By: Marc Frias

The year was 2013 and Snapchat was on the rise to becoming a top contender for the social media market. It was edgy, it was new, and most of all it was fun. Snapchat achieved this by featuring messages that deleted themselves and featuring stories that deleted after 24 hours. These features were upgraded with filters and every teenager I knew started using it! For a while, Snapchat was the only platform that had this feature. Then the year 2016 happened.

Instagram stole Snapchat’s thunder by featuring stories. Within weeks, Instagram had 100 million people using the feature (Newton, Casey). If that wasn’t hard to swallow, Instagram also added a new feature which allowed people to go back and look back through stories instead of forward. Within months, Snapchat added that feature to their platform (n.a.), but then more apps started stealing Snapchat’s thunder including Whatsapp and Messenger.

However, Snapchat still had an edge over the competition. The filters and the news feature still allowed Snapchat to differentiate itself. Not to mention the deleting message feature is still their platforms most prevalent and most recognized feature. Snapchat could still stand, but not grow as it previously did. It looked like Snapchat had barely grazed through and it paid off. Then Facebook Stories happened.

Facebook stories features filters and also delete in 24 hours (Isaac, Mike). What makes this different from Instagram Stories is that Facebook has 1.23 billion active users compared to Snapchat’s 150 million user base (n.a.). That is a big difference in term of age demographics. With Facebook companies taking all of Snapchat’s features on all their apps, it is basically trying to sell Snapchat out. It is only a matter of time before Snapchat seizes to have market value unless they continuously innovate. With the over saturation of copying ideas, Twitter seems to be the only social media site that is truly standing out.





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