Let’s Be Real: Snapchat


By:Madeleine Worrall

Snapchat has taken over the phones of many young adults and even an older crowd across the world as one of the most popular social media platforms. With fun filters, quick news and goal reaching attributes people obsess over their story and watching their followers every move in 10 second increments. But am I the only one that sees the real purpose of snapchat? 

Lets break it down:

Chatting is a capability much like other social platforms BUT with Snapchat, the message threads completely disappear after the first time opening it. You can also send photos through the chat directly from your camera roll….. only to disappear seconds later. 

Direct Snapchating is even more sketchy; you can not only send pictures for a maximum of 10 seconds viewing time before it disappears, but also 10 second videos. You have one chance to replay the video or see the photo but only have about 5 seconds to decide wether or not you want to replay it… Hmm.. 

Screenshotting is a thing, a really strange and totally uncalled for action that definitely has a capability on the app allowing you to screen shot and photo or part of a video directly to your camera roll. But the catch is, when you snapchat someones photo, you get notified and also get a little screen shot icon beside the name of the person who did the crime. Snapchat totally rats you out to whoever your’e trying to screen shot. The “why’d you screenshot that” text is guaranteed to come your way if you get caught. And you will get caught. 

Memories is a new feature that has only been around in the Snapchat world for a less than a year, and it allows you to save any photo or video to a separate place that isn’t your camera roll. In fact, you have to go though somewhat confusing measures to get the content transferred into your camera roll. The memories section of snapchat is a somewhat hidden feature, you can only find someones memories by swiping your fingers upward, but without knowledge of how to do that, there is no give away to where it is. So think of it as a completely secret photo album full of all your scandalous selfies and bikini mirror pics or shirtless muscle pics. 

These are just SOME of the many indicators of why Snapchat is THE social media platform that makes sexting possible in the most subtle way. For more proof, go to the setting portion of your app, and you’ll find all kinds of ways to make your account as sketchy and private as possible. 

Sexting- The practice of sending nudes or revealing photos of one’s self to others in private. 





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