One small step for man = one giant leap into Travel Blogging

By: Krysta Overton


So keeping with our theme of blogging, I wanted to discuss probably my second favorite thing in the world right behind the GLORY that is all things food

…and that’s TRAVEL!

Travel 2

I grew up overseas, so I think I have a natural wanderlust that may not be as crucial in most people. But honestly, there is something absolutely amazing, sobering, and beautiful about travel. Not necessarily even “around the world-” though that’s obviously my goal-but as simple as: the city next door, the state across the country, or for the FEARLESS, the 18-hour plane ride to the exotic, humid and GORGEOUS Asian country across the world. (Went to Thailand last week).



So the point of this “travel-forward” introduction? To introduce the wide world of TRAVEL BLOGGING! Personally I think travel blogging is easier than food blogging, just for the simple fact that a lot of travel blogs read like a diary. You don’t need crazy amounts of previous experience or to understand the difference between sweet and savory. You just have to have been there, done some cool things, maybe have a few dos and don’ts for the masses and top it off with the ever popular BOMB A** photo.


Nomadic Matt is a travel blog guru who is a FANTASTIC go-to in terms of looking at amazing examples of what travel bloggers are able to accomplish. He also provides a yearly list of well-established blogs worth an extra look. Kristin Luna and Matthew Karsten made the cut for 2015, and I must say I am in love with Kristin’s page. It’s vibrant, organized, and offers very interesting accounts of her travels with an assortment of beautiful food and travel photography. (My number ones)



Based off of an article highlighted on Matthew Karsten’s website, there are a few things that are helpful in starting a travel blog. Many of the steps in actually creating a blog are similar to that of creating any other type. But specifically for travel, here are three that I found personally helpful:

  1. It’s not all about the place: Sometimes the biggest component of traveling can be the “planning” that goes into it. Researching the best places to stay, places to eat, and activities at a specific location is just as relevant as being able to physically be there.
  2. The good, the bad, and the UGLY: If there is one thing that I think millennials appreciate, it’s the drama associated with almost anything. Throw some negative on it, and you may have an award winning piece. J But in all seriousness, in blogging it’s important to embrace everything. All of the vacation, whether positive or negative, help tell the story of what it was truly like to have been there. That is important in intriguing or appealing to a wide audience.
  3. The last tip and one that I KNOW I have mentioned in previous blogs, DO YOUR HOMEWORK: (Your parents didn’t emphasize that for nothing) There is nothing wrong with researching good travel blogs and learning about what they do that makes them successful. The structure of their pages, the content, and the design all contribute to their overall success. If blogging is truly of interest, despite the type, LOOK INTO IT and perfect your skills.

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