A Short Story about Social media

Trying my hardest to go to sleep “one more scroll” oh thats a dope pic okay I wont go to sleep now ill give it 5 more min” I have an exam tomorrow at 8am but my phone always seem to keep me up at 1st it was every once and a while but lately its been getting worst and worst I seem to always be checking my phone.

I had a great job at one time that paid 15$ an hr with benefits. I kept getting called out by my boss for always being on the phone and one day he told me he couldn’t take it no more and fired me. My phone as really been a big head ac in my life it get in so much trouble with it its ridiculous .

  • Kim: “Why are you always on your phone when your with me ?
  • Ben: “baby I am handling business you know I am self employed I got to get it and the people I communicate with are clients”
  • Kim: “Are you sure it ain’t that Bitch Kesha who you been showing extra attention to on Facebook, im not stupid I see how you two talk to each other.
  •  Jim: “why must you feel so insecure, im only with one women and thats you. Them other girls don’t even catch my attention the way you do so lets get off the topic
  • Kim: “nah Romeo not this time, tell me whats really going on? you told me you was going to come over last night and you left me cold turkey and the night before. I seen you both times on Facebook responding back to whats her name ? oh yah Kesha! so tell me how the Fuck im supposed to feel.
  • Jim: Must we really go their I make sacrifices for our relationship. I didn’t see you complaining when I bought you that new watch or bag, I seen you post it on Facebook though. How did you think I got it from staying home cuddling with you? no I had to work my ass of so please don’t start that! I think you are unappreciative you only think  of yourself
  • Kim: “Well if I only think of myself then we shouldn’t be together.

Social media also ruined my relationship.

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