Being defined by LIKES..


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BY: Nina Moreno

Stories need to be shared, and some people live for the likes. But sometimes people fear that their posts aren’t good enough anymore. Users sit around like it’s a waiting game and feel defeated if their post wasn’t good enough.

Social media is now an outlet for many news stations, children, and businesses, but the thing that seems to define them is, LIKES.

Twitter has a limit of 140 characters, but for Facebook, a limit doesn’t exist. A post on social media is essentially like writing in a diary, except the excerpt can be seen by everyone who’s your friend.

Taking it back to the olden days, Myspace wasn’t defined by likes. Instead, users were able to display their top 5 friends and decided what their background was going to say about them.

The likes, that are now used by Facebookers, were by word of mouth when Myspace was around. No self validation was used unless they were used through comments.

But the negative affects to this self validation is insecurity.

Social media has turned into self validation. Users find themselves typing up their thoughts in order to get a definition of self worth.

Imagine looking at friend’s posts and feeling jealous because their lives aren’t greater than ours or feeling like you can’t measure up to ideas and recipes that you find.

Bottom line is, people are feeding off of what a screen is telling them to.

Through many social outlets, people are finding a different identity and posting about their lives to try and fit in.

Social media posts have become a stamp of value. But our lives are too beautiful to stand behind a couple of favorites. A change should be made. We shouldn’t have to favorite and LIKE a post.

Likes shouldn’t define us. Many of us just want to find new friends or stay connected with those who aren’t close. We need to live a day at a time and enjoy it each day. 


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