Cat patrol video takes the win on April Fools

By Shannon Quinn

When the Fort Collins Police Services posted a video of their new patrol cat, it took social media by storm. It was the perfect light hearted April Fools joke that inspired a lot of memes and cat puns. According to a coloradoan article, “the video has been viewed more than 7,000 times on Youtube and nearly half a million times on Facebook”, and from then the number has continuously gone up.


Cat videos have always been the most popular videos on the web, but Mr. Buttersworth is the first patrol cat in the country to make an appearance. The video went viral not only because of how adorable Mr. Buttersworth is, but how hilarious is it that he arrested a cat burglar. There’s just something about cats that make the internet go ballistic. The video pulled in commentators “from places near and far, including Ohio, Indiana, Arizona, and even Scotland”. It even sparked another post from the Boulder County Sheriff joking about their baby owl being promoted to sergeant. The post even made the headline for the NBC26 April fools jokes article, which also included the Denver International Airport announcing that it “partnered with the Colorado Yurt company” and The Denver Regional Transportation District joking about “their new “Report a Jimmy” app. Officer Buttersworth definitely takes the win for best April fools joke of 2017.


April fools day is a lighthearted holiday that is supposed to let people have a good laugh. The cat patrol video was a clever and cute way to give people something to share and make others laugh. The cat, actually named Sawyer, is going to be remembered as the star of April Fools day 2017. If you haven’t seen the purrrfect video, go watch it now.


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