Disappearing media

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By: Michaela Bull



Disappearing media

Disappearing media has been a trend rising in social media for the past couple of years. With the introduction of Snapchat, the messaging app that allows you to communicate with photos and videos that don’t last longer than a maximum ten seconds, the world of social messaging has followed a new set of rules. Specifically for millennials, the concept that posts on the Internet will last forever as we previously thought to be true is no longer. It is possible now for this generation to play with public media that they won’t be tied to later. The idea is inviting as I think for most people the idea of everything being traced back to you one day is honestly terrifying. It made it intimidating for people to post their honest lives. Now that the culture of sharing is so prominent, disappearing media can be a new and inviting concept to take into consideration.


Snapchat is not the only social media app that is taking this path, recently Instagram has jumped on the train of limited time to share per post. The two are competitors in this fast paced race to the top but they share this idea that disappearing media is the key to keeping the consumer engaged. The two offer up to 10 seconds of video or imagery content that can be posted for 24 hours, after which the content is erased forever. Consumers have the option to save their media to their devices but the post to the public is then gone.


This business model of using innovative platforms that offer arbitrary constraints to the consumer for what they create is key in increasing and maintaining engagement. These companies offer a platform for the consumer to be the content creator for the rest of the users. The idea offers an incentive to continue to create and keeps the content fresh and interesting. The constraints also allow a structured straightforward option for creating, allowing the less creatively inclined individuals to participate. Disappearing media is engaging and spreading fast.



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