The Story of Drunk Dante and How Brayon Potillo and Jack Vance are building a brand through Social Media

by Brayon Potillo

Hello Everyone. Your all time favorite UNT student writer is back with another great blog post. While last week’s blog post came from a Creamery in West Hollywood on Spring Break, this one is coming from my hotel room in Tampa Florida. You may wonder why I’m telling you this, but it has to do with today’s blog post. More importantly, my social brand and how I am using social media to market the story of Drunk Dante.

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photo of Brayon Potillo & Jack Vance

A lot of you may wonder, “what is Drunk Dante” and “how does it relate to social media,” but buckle your seatbelts it’s about to get ambitious! 3 years ago, while sitting in my college apartment, I was starving both literally and mentally. I was famished due to lack of money and no one cared to hear my story. Coincidentally, the same day I hit my lowest became the greatest day of my life. This day was the day I came up with the idea of Vertical Sounds, but I had no idea of what it would be. Fast forward, I am now using this platform to market the story of Jack Vance and I; The beginning of Vertical Sounds and of Drunk Dante.

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photo by Brayon Potillo of Jack Vance

Drunk Dante is a song that tells the story of how Jack Vance transitioned from Denton, TX to Los Angeles, CA. It is also about how we rekindled our friendship in order to deliver great music and a great story to the world through social media. Vertical Sounds is a creative platform created by myself to market artists and teach them how to create an image through PR and market it through social media. Here are three steps of how I did it.

  1. Instagram Content and Graphics

First, I built momentum through the posting of Instagram content and graphics. While, Jack isn’t very social media savvy, I built a weekly posting regimen of what we would post and how we would post. We sat down and came up with concepts and a theme to attract individuals to our page and story. We wanted it to be displayed as something extravagant so we marketed the song as a motion picture and mimicked Quentin Tarantino ads. With Photoshop, I created the ads you can see below:

graphics by Brayon Potillo

2. Website and Campaign 

Next, I built up my website and made it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you visit, on the first page you will see the campaign we are currently hosting called the #ImHere Campaign where we want people to tell their story in order to build a community in our music. Moreover, if they participate they automatically receive a free sticker pack and are entered into a raffle to receive a mystery pack. After, I ask for a quality photo and create a graphic you can see below:


Graphic by Brayon Potillo

3. Patience, Sacrifice, and Work

Lastly, these three things are the keys to everything that I’ve done over the course of this journey. You will need patience when something isn’t going as planned and you want to reach a certain height of success that may take a couple of months to a year to build. Sometimes you may forget to turn in an assignment, because you are at a meeting in Houston building for your future and that is okay. Just know, that if you make those sacrifices you will have to put in that work to be successful.

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All photos and graphics were taken on my Canon Rebel T5 and edited by myself in Photoshop


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