Experiencing Depression and Loneliness? It’s Time to Ditch Social Media!

By: Chelsi Wade



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Recently, there were a couple of studies done that suggest that extensive social media usage may be linked to depression and loneliness in young adults (Research Links Heavy Facebook And Social Media Usage to Depression). The gist of both studies was that the more time one spends using social media, the more likely it is for them to become lonely or even depressed. Personally it’s not surprising to me but it’s pretty surprising that social media, platforms where people are supposed to be social, may be linked to depression and loneliness. However, these findings may be able to better help clinical professionals to help patients who are depressed (Research Links Heavy Facebook and social Media Usage to Depression). Brian Primack, a co-author in one of the studies, states that people might feel isolated when they spend a lot of time on their social media (Feeling Lonely? Too Much Time On Social Media May Be Why).  But don’t fret, this doesn’t mean that we should stop using social media and that social media is bad. It just means that we need to limit our use of social media and try to be social.

What do you think? Does extensive social media use cause people to feel isolated and depressed?






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