How social media can make life easier

By Fernando Guzman

Social media is part of our lives nowadays. Everything we do is related it to social media, the good thing to know is that this is really helpful for us in every sense of the word. Social media can make your life easier if you know how to use it properly. in this case we are going to analyze how social media can make life easier for people when it comes to call a cab. Taxinet is a App in Ecuador that help people move around the city, and at the same time generate some income. To be specific, taxinet in Ecuador would be like saying Uber in the United States. Do you really need more customers for your taxi service? Then social media is exactly where to focus on in order to be successful on this. Through social media the message about taxinet will spread all over the city and then the chances to get more customers increase. This taxinet App is so helpful and it is also a safe way to reach your destination any time of the day. Ecuador is not one of the safest countries that we can say, so through this app they can guarantee you to get in your destination on time and it is consider the safest way to do this. At the same time, it is even cheaper than a regular taxi. A regular taxi in Ecuador can charge you anything they feel they can charge you, through this app that is not possible.  This app it is only valid for Guayaquil, Ecuador, the biggest city of Ecuador. It is good to know that this is the first App available in Guayaquil that focus on this service. Taxinet is getting more popular in Ecuador every day, is bringing good results, people is happy and there are no complains so far. So everything seems to  be a success for taxinet, and I can personally say how effective it is. I consider it as a wonderful idea and a perfect business model in our generation. I had the opportunity to use taxinet  when I went to Ecuador in December and I had a great experience. The owner of taxinet Luis Noboa said “ By using our application we guarantee you excellent service, on time and the most important thing, to be safe”. In other words, he is trying to incentive people to do not use regular cabs because you never know who is driving that cab and how dangerous could be.




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