How to Leverage Social Media to Gain a Blog Audience

By: Courtney Smith

Recently, maybe over the last two weeks, I started an interior design and decor blog. I’ve already spent countless hours poring over website creation, SEO optimization, blog content, and more. I seriously had no idea how much work actually went into running your own blog site!

When I came up with a name and made my first post I was just playing around, seeing what it was like to make an account and post to it. I was using the free platform and had no intention of changing it.

Then, on a total whim, I decided I wanted to make an actual blog. Like, the real deal. So I signed up with a host, bought a domain name a theme, and had a logo designed. I excitedly wrote my first post to the new site. And suddenly I remembered that no one even knew about this, my little corner of the internet.

(And, since I have you here, please check out my new blog at Let me know what you think!)

Enter social media.

I have pinned so many posts about blogging advice and how to leverage social media to gain an audience. So far, these are some of the most useful tips I’ve found:


1 .First and foremost, define your audience then research and locate them on social media. (Via Social Media Examiner)

Key points:

  • Facebook Ads Manager  is a great tool to help estimate your audience size
  • Research your target market’s online behavior. How much time do they spend online? Are they primarily desktop or phone/tablet users? What other types of sites do they engage with?


2. Pinterest is huge for bloggers. (Via Zoe Linda)

Key points:

  • Set up your account as a business account in order to receive analytics on your pins
  • Pinterest is often used as a search engine so do proper keyword research before you pin. Use Google Adword Keyword Planner to help you get started! (Note: You must have an account with Adwords.)
  • Create pins for your blog post. You should be posting on every social media your blog has, but this one is huge. Canva can help create pinable blog post graphics.
  • Set up and utilize a BoardBooster

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3. For many of the same reasons that Pinterest is huge for bloggers, Instagram is huge for bloggers: we live in a visually driven society. (Via Forever Moments)

Key points:

  • Target your audience with niche specific hashtags. This is another place where keyword research comes in handy.
  • Connect and engage with popular accounts in your same market. They could potentially turn into boosters, collaborators, or even offer advice.
  • This one seems obvious, but I see it happen sometimes. Don’t post any low-quality photos to Instagram. They should not be blurred out, too big, or pixelated.

All of these points and more are helping me in creating my own strategy for my blog. Anyone have any other helpful social media advice for new blogs?

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