I Robot Phones

Everyone I know have a smart phone, even kids as young as 6-7. Phones are starting to take over and no one seem to be complaining. Equipped with internet, app’s social media messages and so much more. If their was a category for additions I am sure the cell phone is one of the biggest addictions out their.

Its safe to say our phones have became a big part of our lives. The way we talk, text friends and family, play games, and even the way we order food. The whole world literarily is in our hands and we can do what ever we want with it.

I think of having a phone like that one movie I robot when everyone had their own personal bot’s and the robot do what ever they say. My friend was showing me how he got siri to call him daddy so what ever he want’s he ask siri and at the end of her sentence she would finish it of with daddy.

By having a phone often live people wondering how did the past world function without having one, what did they do? I also see why its not good to have a phone with you all the time.Having a phone can be such a big distraction. Trying to focus and not be on your phone could be very difficult.

If you do not have a phone I strongly advice you to get one it makes life so much easier and fun. when you get your phone just make sure you learn to monitor your real life from the digital world.

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