Do you remember when Instagram just hit the app back in 2010? I have a memory of taking random pictures hoping to get so many “likes” from the followers that I didn’t even have (#lame). Never did I think Instagram would be the social media platform that it is today or at least where it’s heading. In my eyes I never saw a future for Instagram past posting a picture for likes. This app is emerging from just that into a marketing platform. Instagram is posting more and more sponsored ads each day. Even though it’s sometimes super annoying when I see a sponsored ad, I’m guilty of clicking on them. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go: NYQUIL

Obviously you make a click-through and then your on their page and you see what amazing deal they have to offer you, and you know how it goes from there (R.I.P. to my bank account). I recently read an article on how Instagram is marketing when you don’t even realize it. One of the points was photo contests. Now SHOUTOUT to all girls I KNOW you guys know what these are. You follow that page, like the picture of whatever it may be, and sometimes even have to repost it. That is such a great way to market and advertise your product, clothes, toothpaste or whatever it may be these days. Here’s an example of the photo contest:OTHER ad.jpg

One more marketing strategy this article pointed out was Promo Codes. I never thought of promo codes being a marketing strategy until they mentioned it, and now I feel ashamed to say that, being one who uses promo codes found on Instagram ALL the time. This article has a few more marketing strategies they point out so feel free to visit the article. Instagram is heading in a marketing direction that is either going to turn into something HUGE, or just be extremely annoying. Either way, it’s our (the users) choice of which direction it goes. I’m all for the marketing side of Instagram, are you?


Blog by: Ashton Presley



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