Kpop Social Media As Effective Advertising

KPop Social Media as Effective Advertising

kpop social media                                                                                                             Kpop stands for Korean Pop, a genre of music regional to South Korea, but that for the past decade or so, has been taking over the international scene. With fans all over Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America, world tours encompassing countries from every continent have been occurring with increasing frequency. While in the past, going global took a lot more money, man-power and planning, social media has grown to be the main driving force behind the global popularity of Korean groups. This has allowed monetization on a different and larger scale to occur and the ever-growing global success of this genre of music.

  This article by the Harvard Business Review details the three main things that have made the international success of Kpop no accident, Social Media being the most important. YG, one of the big three Kpop companies of South Korea, is famous for spending very little money on traditional advertising. They have always been able to create significant buzz for their artists, new and established, through their social media accounts.

Kpop’s reach has spread so far that online magazines and sites have sprung up devoted completely to the topic. Twitter, as the image above proves, has been the single most important social mechanism for most of the Kpop entertainment world.

Most artists, companies and Kpop fans have twitter accounts and a lot of the news for new music releases, possible tours, merchandise, and even complaints are generated and addressed through twitter. For international fans that do not speak, read or write Korean, whole accounts are dedicated to the translation of anything related to their favorite artists or groups.

The Kpop entertainment world has been able to harness the power of social media in ways that even the western entertainment world has not. It could be said they are the future of artist promotion and management.



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