Social Influencers Becoming Integral to Brand Success


By: Shannon Williams

More and more brands are shifting towards utilizing micro influencers to grow their brand awareness, reach their audiences, and develop engaging authentic relationships. Brands are realizing the vast power that micro influencer hold in reaching their audiences in personalized authentic ways on social platforms.

Celebrities with massive followings are no longer the best way for brands to promote their products. It is not believable to the general public that they actually use and stand behind the products they are promoting. Micro Influencers have smaller more loyal followings and target a specific niche. Traditional advertising is also failing. It is not impactful they way it used to be. People have almost complete control over they content they are exposed to and many use Ad Blockers to filter out the rest.


(Hello Society)

Brands are realizing the need and benefit of utilizing social influencers, as they are real people that their audiences trust and will listen to. By utilizing them brands are able to portray an authentic image of who they are and their products to the desired market that is perceptible to them.

Many brands are investing in building their personal networks of micro influencers. When micro influencers fully partner with a brand they brand gains exclusive access to them as a spokesperson for their products, and can limit the amount of advertising the influencer does for the brands competition.

They pay off for companies who utilize micro influencers in an increased social following, increased sales, and increased website traffic. Overall partnering with influencers allows brands to become relatable to their consumers. It puts a trustworthy face and trustworthy insight behind the product.

Overall more brands are shifting their advertising budgets to allow for more micro influencer marketing. It has been proven to work and is one of the best ways to reach the right consumers who are open to your brand and products.

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