Social Media and Non-Profit

By: Catalina Uriarte

Two years ago the internet went crazy as videos of people pouring ice buckets on doing_the_als_ice_bucket_challenge_14927191426their head poured onto the internet. Eventually celebrities and people of influence joined in the fun. Within a blink tags on social media turned into $115 million raised for the ALS association. This is just one example of how the Non-profit world can rock it on Social Media.

Non-profit organizations work to use their revenue to further their purpose rather than make a profit. Weather it’s trying to find a cure for cancer or raising money for orphanages non-profits serve at the top of conscious capitalism by giving out more than they take in. Because many non-profits depend heavily on notability to their cause Social Media serves as a key component for success.

The Huffington Post insist Non-Profits increase their social media presents. According to writer David Kerpen non-profit is great way of getting the word out, engaging with friends, building a community of supporters, and telling your story. Above that, as seen from the ALS ice bucket challenge, Social Media can be a great way to increase donations. Something 47% of non-profit organizations consider the pinnacle of engagement.

How do companies master the art of getting social media engagement to turn into donations? Steven Shattuck shares the three “A’s” of non-profit social media engagement.

  1. Appreciation
  2. Advocacy
  3. Appeals

According to him 1/3 or your post should be about each of these. Appreciation places the emphasis on the brand, here you appreciate the donors and those who help emphasizing the importance of what they do. Second is advocacy. Here is where engagement and sharing comes into play. You take the time to share stories and educate your followers on your issues. The last thing is appeals in which you solicit donations or seek help. Make online donations available and honor those who donate.

Social media has turned the world upside-down creating a place to gain notoriety for what you desire. Non-profit organizations should grasp this concept as a way to raise awareness and funds for their cause.

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