Social Media Usage at Work

With our generation being so dependent on their technology (laptops, iPad, iPhone, etc.) and social media networks for constant updates and coverage, the question stands if the distraction is it starting to take a toll on employers?

Per the article “Should social media be allowed at work” by Peter Crush, an average person in the United Kingdom (UK) checks their mobile device a staggering 253 times a day – roughly every four minutes of their waking day. From the 253 times a day, 73 of these occasions occurring at work. Just from those statistics it looks like employees are not being productive during the day. Another article says 90 percent of employees use social media as a ‘digital distraction’ during their work day. ComPsych mentioned, “when scrolling through social media feeds becomes so frequent that it starts interfering with work, the activity may have reached the point of digital distraction.”


Now do we agree that social media is a distraction, yes. We all know it absolutely is and probably more than half of us would not be able to go a full day without our phones. But seriously because if my phone is not broken I literally have my phone by my side always. Even at work, I am constantly on it and so is the rest of the office. Since I work in sports marketing I have a pretty good reason to be checking my updates. However, someone working in accounting probably should be more focused on the numbers they are calculating rather than what their friend posted on Instagram.

Each business has different rules regarding internet and phone usage. Some allow employees to do as they wish if all their work is taken care off. Others you have no option, but during your break. Do I believe social media has become a ‘digital distraction’ as mentioned earlier or that it interferes with work, yes I do. However, I do believe if used properly it can be beneficial. It would require more research and studies to if affects someone’s job.

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