The Art of Hashtagging

By Maia Wilson @maiawils

There are so many ways for people to get likes on Instagram now. You can keep your account public, follow millions with the hopes that they will follow back and like, comment and like other’s posts, etc. But one way that the masses have experimented with is hash-tagging. They used to be right in the caption of a post with just one or two embedded in the caption message, then there were many right listed below the actual caption message, and NOW users want their captions to look much cleaner,. This is done by typing in periods and the enter button, so that the multitude of hashtags can be hidden by the “see more” button.


Image Source: Hootsuite

There are so many hashtags that users type under their caption nowadays that it seems like the number of hashtags made daily is increasing exponentially. Hashtags allow people who have not met virtually connect through their commonalty (Hubspot). What makes using the hashtag on Instagram and being able to use so many is the related hashtag feature which gives you other hashtags that are similar to the ones you have used and may like. Hashtags also drive participation, which is why so many companies use them as a means to bring in more followers and ultimately customers (Hootsuite). Lastly hashtags can get people more aware of the world and unite with similar political views (seoperson). When there are Hashtags like #prayforparis or #blacklivesmatter this creates unity amongst the separated side of social media and also gets people connected to what is happening in the world. Without social media there would be more ignorance to the current events that happen on a daily basis in our world.

Hashtags are very important the the use of them grows everyday, it is no wonder that EVERYTHING now is said with a hashtag.


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