The World of Dance without Social Media

By: Joslyn Mitchell

            Ever since the social media world have come into existence with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other resources. The customers have gone through the roof! What once was used for pleasure and bragging to former classmates about your life, is now being used to gain customers for a business or even just to become famous. Social media could work in every aspect of a person’s life and even their career, but is it dangerous for up and coming dancers?

I have just recently started to pursue my dream as a dancer and I have been working really hard. I have even deleted most of my old high school classmates and added more professional dancers and dance teams so that I can surround myself with dancing. Whenever I work out and I am feeling like I am getting better, I go to Instagram and see one of my followers hitting quadruple pirouette and I can barely do two. It sometimes gets discouraging an often makes me want to give up, especially they are 16 years old.

What I have recently discovered is that some dancers think it is actually dangerous to be on social media because of that very reason. In an article on Dance, Dance informa I saw the title “Dangers of Social Media for Dancers” I did not think by any chance that could be possible, but the writer actually made some excellent points. The article talks about the dangers of using social media because young girls are watching older and more advanced dancers (or Vic versa) do tricks and stunts that makes them feel intimidated or like they aren’t good enough and therefore, these young children give these stunts and tricks a try not knowing how long it took the advanced dancer to get there and they end up with injuries or even worse, ending their career before it even starts. “You also don’t know the history of the person in the photograph, how long they’ve been training, how many hours a week they’re dancing, whether or not they’re in pain. I know quite a few girls who are ‘Insta-famous’ but are carrying several injuries.” Says Lisa Howell. According to the article, Lisa is a well-respected dance physical therapist and the owner of “”. She has a fear that all the young, immature dancers are following after dancers they do not know.

While reading this article, I thought that reason could make or break a dancer, but then in my opinion, if you’re a real dancer you are able to know what your body can or cannot do and trying new tricks and stunts are upon your own responsibility.

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