Trump and the Media


Trump is giving the news media a negative reputation, and his followers are on board. How will that affect future journalists? Well, when you’ve got a man with a powerful position he can influence people without credibility or common sense. The constant attacks in the media by Trump seems like the new norm. An interesting point was raised in one of my journalism classes. A group of students and I were discussing the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s incident with the reporter April Ryan and how he completely dismissed her question. “The responses made by Spicer were not an appropriate representation of the position he holds” was one opinion held by one of the students. It was an observation that led to the following question: How can he get away with the vague answers? What about his rude behavior? Shouldn’t he be held accountable for breaking certain ethics or is there no ethics or rules he must abide by? His actions are alarming. In the end, there was only one conclusion. The reason no one has told Spicer anything is because his actions and responses, although his are also a reflection of the way Trump handles the media. There were so many red flags with Trump, in fact there still is. Throwing Jorge Ramos out of a press conference where he was only doing his job was a red flag. Journalist are a watchdog for the people. Of course, there are bad apples, because there will always be one in every career field. That doesn’t exclude presidents. This is challenging, because the credibility of the reporters starts to fade away and people start to depend on “alternative facts” Not only that, but I suppose it can’t be easy for reporters to expose the reality without being attacked or called liars. This is a difficult topic, because I am studying to be a journalist and we are told to not be biased, but do people ever think that this shouldn’t be perceived as so, or do they automatically dismiss you at the sound of accusation?

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