Twitter Could Replace T.V.

Could twitter be the new place for getting everything you once saw on television with cable? Sure, it may sound fairly unreasonable as of right now, but when you look at what twitter has accomplished so far it may begin to slowly make sense.


Let’s take it back a little bit, around the middle to late end of 2016. Many of us were in our night classes struggling to stay awake through three hours of lecture. While needing to take a brain break we cleverly pulled out our phones and decided to check the twitter timeline. Here you see a little black box on your timeline with the words “live” in bright red. Its coming from twitter’s verified page and with the world we live in you assume its got to be another school shooting or terrorist attack but you give the loading box a chance. To your surprise, it’s an American football game.


How did this come to be, football games being live streamed on the internet and of all places on twitter. This is because in 2016 Twitter won a bid against Amazon and Verizon to run ten exclusive Thursday night football games on their platform.


This is just the beginning for twitter after all. Unlike its biggest social media competitor Facebook. Twitter is struggling to gain the audience it needs to bring in real revenue. Twitter has a net value of an estimated $15 Billion. Which no one can agree on. Therefore, what is twitter to do when faced with a need to gain more popularity? Target the dying market of television!


Tradition media platforms such as television and radio aren’t exactly going anywhere anytime soon. It’s just, for most people it’s easy to get exactly what you need in the palm of your hand with a smartphone. That meaning most of your favorite television shows with HBO Go or Netflix. Now you have twitter locking in deals to bring things like the Oscars, Country Music Awards and Thursday night football. Sure, television isn’t exactly gone yet but it’s kind of like the old guy you keep seeing at the grocery store. You know his time is coming but every time you see him you silently congratulate him on another day of his longstanding survival.

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