Twitter Moments

(Written by Jesse Priest.)

All throughout our class in strategic social media, we have made mentions of Storify and how great a website it is for curated social media stories. But from my experience, it’s not that great. It’s very easy to use but nobody ever reads them. Storify stories are just not popular in the mainstream.


They just seem to be popular to professors and academics who use it to teach students. It’s not that great of a tool to use if you’re trying to gain an audience. It hasn’t gained any considerable amount of traction.

moments 2

And to make Storify even more obsolete, Twitter has a very similar and I’d say more visible way to do what Storify tried to do. Twitter has a feature that is called ‘Moments’. It’s a feature that lets you create curated stories that are powered by Tweets.

Twitter curates news and makes them into moments that can be seen in the moments tab on the website or in the app. So Twitter curates stories on the whole platform that you can see and Twitter also lets you create your own curated stories that you can post as moments too.

These moments that you create on Twitter can also be a way to promote your threads and conversations that you make in Twitter as well.

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