Update on Twitter Updates

By: Jasmine Meredith

Social Media is constantly changing, in an updating fashion. Some people get on board with the updates and other take a little while to warm up to it… if ever.

Twitter has made a few updates that have hit some users but not all just yet. They’ve been trying to focus on expressing even more in 140 characters. Their goal was to “simplify tweets” by making some changes. There are four new changes. These changes come directly from their twitter blog:


  • @names will no longer be included in replies, so they can no longer take up space within a tweet
  • any type of attachment like videos, pictures, GIFs, polls or quoted tweets will no longer count against the character count
  • the ability to quote & retweet your own tweets – you can reflect on certain thought without having the tweet about it again, you can directly refer to it
  • getting rid of the @ feature as a whole. Or at least it will not appear in the tweet

Now with updates, as I said before, not everyone is going to be on board right away.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.43.22 PM
A tweet from a user on the new Twitter update.

By just searching “new twitter update” on Twitter you can see that people are not into the latest mobile update. The new update on the phone has four different tabs when you view your Twitter page: Tweets, Tweets & Replies, Media, Likes. The frustration from users is mostly because there’s a separation between the tweets and tweets and replies. The “Tweets” tab only displays the users tweets and retweets, but if the person responds to a tweet it goes in the “Tweets & Replies” tab. So with Twitter removing the @names in responses and now separating replies people feel this update has them looking silly, as if they’re talking to themselves.

I’ll admit, at first I was like, “what’s the point?” but here recently I’ve found it useful. It doesn’t flood your page with conversations, which can sometimes be lengthy. It keeps your page looking clean!

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