You Seem Desperate – Fake Followers for a Couple Bucks? How About Not!

By Kaleen Washington

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Let’s be honest, unless you’re a big time company or celebrity, everyone struggles getting and retaining followers when they first create an Instagram account.

You go on a following spree’s and request random accounts in hopes of receiving a follow back in return – but it just doesn’t happen. Now you find yourself in a weird position following thousands of people, but only have a few hundred followers.

You’re nervous because most successful business accounts have high followers and extremely but “positively” disproportioned followers to following ratios.

They look credible, but you – well you can’t even get a follow back. Now you’re desperate, really desperate. And you run across an ad stating they can increase your followers for only a couple bucks – RUN!

According to – this is why.


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1. Bought followers don’t know or really care about your brand.

2. Automatically decreases engagement.


4.You actually lose credibility.

5. It breaks majority of social media policies.

Buying Instagram followers for credibility actually will tarnish your brand more than help it. No one wants to see you get kicked off social media, so just do the right thing – study your audience and use social media accordingly. The start may be slow, but in time with consistency and research, you can reach your goals.

Here’s a few ways to help increase your followers, the natural way.

Use hashtags.

  1. Like random picture.
  2. Hold contests.
  3. Use other social media outlets to promote your account.
  4. Post photos between 2 a.m and 5 p.m.
  5. Ask questions in your captions.
  6. Make sure to post on Sunday

Those are just a few organic ways to increase your followers. This is definitely a situation, where quality over quantity sometimes matters in significant ways.

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