Fashion Brands Dominate the Usage of Instagram as a Marketing Strategy

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By Jacqui Simses

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The Rise of Instagram Marketing

It has been evident for a while now that Instagram isn’t just a social network to share photos among friends and family. In fact, Instagram has an astonishing 600 active monthly users as of December 2016, the last 100 million of which joined just in the prior six months. In a world where visual content remains a crucial part of any business’ marketing strategy, Instagram presents a unique opportunity to visually represent brands, showcase its personality and keep it top-of-mind for all users who scroll through their Instagram feeds every single day.

Fashion Brands vs. Other Brands

The fashion industry has become one of the most competitive industries on social media. Fashion brands have capitalized on social with the rise of e-commerce to support revenue streams that complement physical stores. This has resulted in social media becoming the new cornerstone of their marketing strategies.

Although brands from all different markets are finding great success from the usage of their Instagram accounts, fashion brands specifically receive significantly more followers and interactions making these brands one of the biggest and most engaging profiles on Instagram. Due to the natural fit for the highly visual Instagram platform, fashion brands are way ahead of all other brands in terms of Instagram performance.

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Best Content Strategies

The foundation of success on Instagram lies in good content planning. Data from Socialbakers Solutions proves that fashion brands tend to post more photos than videos – in the first half of 2016, 93% of content posted by fashion brands on Instagram were images, compared to the 7% of videos. These numbers do not directly translate into generating engagement, though, as videos received marginally more interactions than images.

Whether it’s photos or videos, it’s no secret that in order to gain followers and generate interactions on Instagram, the brand needs to post exclusive, eye-catching content, But which of the two really works best?

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Victoria’s Secret: The brand doing it differently, but still leading

Victoria’s Secret is leading the pack in followers and interactions, thanks to leveraging a wealth of content – from photo shoots to a hefty amount of brand equity offline to other social channels

Victoria Secret differs from other fashion brands using Instagram marketing due to its slightly different content strategy. The company’s profile is comprised of 18% videos and 82% images, and their images generated on average 10,000 more interactions than their videos – a testament to the importance of creating quality content and in knowing your audience’s preferences on the platform.

Victoria’s Secret posted more videos than the average fashion brand on Instagram – 82% were images, and 18% were videos. On average, their images gained roughly 10,000 more interactions than their video content. Overall, Victoria’s Secret content on Instagram is more engaging than the fashion industry benchmark.

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Who does it best? 

While the top 10 most popular profiles include couture names like Michael Kors, Dior, Gucci and others, high street retailers such as Forever21, H&M and previously mentioned Victoria’s Secret, tend to do a better job at driving up Interactions and keeping their community engaged.

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