Is #FoodPorn an Actual Thing?



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By: Kenya Mavhera

Many have seen the popular #FoodPorn hashtag that’s used all over social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But there’s a lot behind this clever hashtag other than delicious mouth-watering pictures of food. Many people think that consumers are the ones behind this all. If these foods are posted throughout people’s timelines, their first initial reaction is to gain an appetite! So are consumers targeting people with these photos in hopes that they go out and purchase the food items? Many people may think so, but food advertising through social media has become very popular and what better way to do that then to post appetizing foods for all to see.

A prime example of food advertisement through social media is the popular videos “Tasty” that have been seen on several social media networks. These short 2-3 minute cooking videos usually leave viewers hungry and with food on their minds. Many other food networks have caught on to these catchy videos and have started their own social media profiles as a way of advertisement. The idea of having photos and videos of food pop up on people’s timelines as they’re scrolling through their newsfeed is very strategic. Food networks around the world try to target their audience and compete with other vendors and what better way to do that than through social media. This is where the famous #FoodPorn comes in, this hashtag was created when people began taking pictures of what they were about to eat since it looked delicious and was totally photo worthy. Once the picture was taken the #FoodPorn caption was inserted and the photo was ready to upload! I find our generation getting more excited about the photo of the food than the actual food itself. This is all a part of social media and how we’ve advertise our every move, where we are, what we’re doing, even what we’re about to eat! People don’t realize but consumers target us based on the things we like and eat, by us publicizing that they get a better idea on how they can target us and convince us to buy their products.

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So what does the future hold in regards to #FoodPorn? With technology rapidly changing and social media becoming more and more popular I think food being used as advertisement on social media is only going to increase. Next thing we know, food will become 3D as we see it on social media making our appetites even more appealing. Who knows maybe even one day we’ll be able to virtually eat the food that pops up on the screen!


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