Kendrick Returns With A Warnings : Fight for the Throne

During the past few weeks Kendrick Lamar has shaken up the rap industry and as a result Twitter as a whole. Kendrick started with a release of the Heart Part IV  which sent all of Twitter into a frenzy on who it could be about and who his final threat was too referring to his final line ” Y’all got till April 7th to get your shit together. “.

og.jpg Twitter leaped into discussion on what the album would be like and what rappers Drake and Big Sean would have to say about the disses that were assumed to be toward the rappers. With the notion that Kendrick was finally saying something about the subliminal disses that Big Sean had been throwing at him and the God complex Drake had developed within the industry.


Kendrick went on further to release his song Humble which went viral on Twitter moments after release. With his video not only pushing forward the notion that he was after rappers such as Drake and Big Sean but, also showing he meant business with his series of subliminal messages hidden within the video that put questions of the industry into fans and showed just how Kendrick placed himself in the Rap industry , as the Messiah and King.



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