Battle of the meme’s

Shit! I did not mean to click like on my ex’s page now she is going to think im creeping on her and I know she is always on Instagram. later on that same day I seen her posting picture like this on her snap.

Funny text Ex boyfriends:

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Now im sitting their looking stupid -_- if only I could take it back, I thought she had me blocked. The most embarrassing part of it all is that she knows all my friends and they knew who the meme’s where about so im getting phone calls like crazy but I didnt answer. instead I posted my own little meme’s

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I later got a call from one of my friends named Bob. ” Bro have you been on Instagram? what did you do to Liz? (Ex) she’s going in on (Talking bad on my name or throwing shade) you!” I went on her IG and


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Something told me to not look but I did anyway’s just to find myself feeling salty about the whole situation. At that moment I had 2 decisions to make.

1 Let it go and have the whole thing die down.

2 Get back at her for talking bad about me and causing a lot of commotion around my circle.

That same something that told me not to look on her page told me what ever I do, do not! pick the 1st decision. I wish I could say I left it alone but I didn’t.

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Their was so much more that was said we ended apologizing and making up we never did get back together but we see each other here and their  and just laugh about everything that happen.

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